Chilling Report Reveals That Every 150 Seconds One Small Business Gets HACKED... And Pays, on average, $27,580 to Regain Their Priceless Data


Keep Reading and Discover How To Bulletproof Your Business From Modern Cyber Attacks… Without Hiring Expensive IT Experts or Going Through Extensive Training


That’s all it takes for an experienced hacker to steal your company’s valuable data.

Open ONE wrong email… Or, click ONE wrong link…

And the next message you’ll receive will be from the hacker, issuing a well-known ultimatum:

Pay tens of thousands of dollars in ransom… Or watch your entire business collapse like a house of cards.

And the worst part is…

They aren't going to leave you alone even if you pay.

Once they taste blood, they will keep attacking until they extort every last penny from your company.

Or, they may simply obtain your banking info and steal as much money as they want in one fell swoop.

That’s exactly what happened to one business owner...

The Admin Accidentally Replied to ONE Malicious Email... 
 It Cost the Company 


It was just an email and it looked exactly like all the other emails the boss had sent. The unsuspecting admin did not know the email was "spoofed", meaning it only appeared to come from the boss…

Little did she know that his email was fake and that everything she was about to share was going to end up with hackers who were in another country.

As you might've guessed…

The hacker's email directed the admin to reply with some of the most important banking information.

Then, they used the info to cleanly steal $439,000.

And while nobody was pointing the finger or, said it out loud…

The admin was responsible.

How was she supposed to know the email was spoofed— a fraud? 

Not to mention she was buried; with dozens of other "pressing" tasks from Finances to HR and even IT.

It’s No Coincidence That 43% of 
ALL Cyber-Attacks Target 
Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Sure, hacking big corporations could mean a far bigger payday.

But large corporations often have entire cybersecurity teams in place... 

Trained to fight off even the most skilled hackers.

On the other hand…
A vast majority of small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford expensive cyber-security consultants - let alone entire in-house IT teams.

These smaller companies are EASY-PICKINGS.

It's often common for just ONE person (usually the company Admin) to be responsible for several departments, everything from HR, Finances/Accounting
, Admin & now, even IT…

And let me tell you:

To cybercriminals, this is a recipe for an easy pay-day.

The company admin contains access to so much vital data... It screams “easy target”, 

Plus, they know the company Admin is likely overwhelmed, spread too thin and able to be caught off guard... Hackers will target Admins mercilessly.

So, if YOU are that person… 

Or, you run a company that solely relies on one person to lead, direct and control many departments…

Make sure you read every word that follows.

Because the way we see it… 

There are really Only Three

Option #1: Hire cyber-security experts.

We are talking about $85,000 - $225,000 a year for an
in-house IT specialist… Or $300+ per hour for an outside

If you can afford it, that’s the way to go.

If you can't afford it...

    That brings us to the second option… 

Option #2: Learn how to handle
cyber-security yourself

If you have a solid background in IT, you can probably pull it off in a few months. If not, you are looking at YEARS of training and education before you are ready for the task.

Do you have time and energy to take on such an
overwhelming task? And more importantly, can you afford
to leave your company unprotected for that long?

If the answer is “NO”,

Option #2: Learn how to handle
cyber-security yourself

If you already possess a solid IT background you can probably pull this off in a few months. If not, you are looking at YEARS of IT training and education just to have the foundation required to protect your company at a professional level.

Do you have time, resources and energy to take on such an
overwhelming task? More importantly, can you afford
to remain vulnerable in the meantime?

If the answer is “NO”,

    Then, the third option is your best bet.

Option #3: Let us help to ensure
your company is bulletproof

After supporting small and medium-sized companies for
over 25 years with professional, outsourced IT services, we have seen the same issues, mistakes, exposures and vulnerabilities as well as the painful costs of companies not being prepared or protected. For the last few years, we've receive the same request over and over:

Small and medium-sized companies are looking for a DIY step-by-step guide to make certain, 125% certain, that they are doing everything within their power to ensure their data is safe and secure. 

Which is precisely WHY we created this...

The World's First Plug-and-Play
Cyber-Security Solution

We call it The CyberSecurity Tool Chest

It’s a comprehensive and easy-to-follow, 78-page roadmap that walks you through the powerful protection of our proven, 8 layers of defense system… 

The CyberSecurity ToolChest was designed for company and firm ADMINISTRATORS, even with limited technology experience, to more effectively protect their company’s data without the tech-jargon, confusion and stress that typically comes with technology.
The CSTC is a no-tech-jargon, simple and comprehensive 78-page guide that guides any administrator through the essential layers of defense, covering specificly the most vulnerable yet easy to protect facets of any computer network.

This is the exact 8-step system we’ve been using for over 25 years with our private clients (most of which pay us tens-of-thousands-just over the course of a year for professional IT services.

Now you have a limited opportunity to grab this tool chest for a fraction of its worth and apply the proven 8 layers of cybersecurity defense in your business.

That's right, for less than 1% of the typical cost to private clients you can apply the CyberSecurity TookChest to achieve the same bullet-proof-like results.

Here’s What You Get When You Grab the
CyberSecurity Tool Chest Today

Step-by-Step Guide Through 8 Layers of Defense

Audit / Assessment

Network & 



Priority and



Business Owners Everywhere Swear
It’s the Best IT Investment They’ve Ever Made 

"Pure Value. Already the
best I.T. investment
we've ever made." 

Jackie D. 

Office Manager

"We were doing far too much guessing! The Cybersecurity ToolChest has been a godsend, so helpful!"

Sarah H. 

Legal Administrator

Why didn't we find this sooner!?
 I'm definitely sleeping better 
these days. Thanks Fortress!

Will H.

IT Manager, Non Profit

"Easier than I expected... We already well on our way and moving through the process. 
Very helpful!"

Jeremy T.

Partner, Law Firm

Now Before I Reveal the Price, Let Me Ask You...

What’s Your Firm’s Safety Worth to You?

Imagine being able to single-handedly protect your firm from hackers… Avoid tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars in damage and ransoms… And give the entire organization peace of mind…

What would that be worth to you?

Imagine the respect, praise and trust you’ll gain from taking the initiative to bulletproof your company's data from the most lethal cyber attacks - confident in your process...

What would that be worth to you?

Imagine coming to work every day more relaxed and knowing that you've got your company's cyber security in hand so you can actually focus on other pressing tasks...

What would that be worth to you?

Data security and peace of mind are both truly priceless...

And, given that most security firms charge AT LEAST $250 PER HOUR to do this sort of work for you… And, considering that the average hacker DEMANDS upwords of $25,000+ per incident...

It’s safe to say that we could sell The CyberSecurity Tool Chest for at least $1000.

However, you aren't going to pay anywhere near that.
You Aren't Going to Pay The Actual Value of


Or, Even ½ of That...


Just One, Single Payment of

Just $37

Yes. You read that correctly!
And to Ensure That This Is the Best IT Investment You Will Ever Make, We Offer You Our


If it doesn’t significantly improve your company’s security in 30 days…

Or, if you don’t think that this is the best cyber-security solution out there…

Or, even if you don’t like the colors or the font we used…

Just send us an email at cybersafe (AT) and I’ll give you a FULL REFUND.

Fair enough?

Order The Cybersecurity Tool Chest Today,
(Limited Time) — Just $179

Why Are We Doing This? What's the Catch?

Why would we share our complete and proven cybersecurity protection system —one that's worth upwards of thousands for just $197?

Actually, there are a couple reasons:
FIRST... We genuinely want to protect as many small and medium-sized businesses as we can.

As I said, we’ve been providing PROFESSIONAL IT services for over 25 years. (We're no fly-by-night operation, twenty-five years!) So, yes, we take great pride in protecting our clients and stopping the bad guys. So, if it means we make a less money, so be it.

SECOND… This is how we get some of our best clients.

We know you'll be so pleased with The Cyber Security Tool Chest —it's value— AND, that you'll save so much time and money in the process, that you'll look to us for other IT projects you might have.

Simple as that.

But no strings attached.

You will NEVER feel any sales pressure, EVER. In fact, we don't even have Sales people at our company. Our business thrives on referrals from happy customers. 

Oops... Failed to mention, we're a 2x Winner of the Better Business Bureau's Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

So, that’s our promise HIGH Value, ZERO pressure.

That Being Said…

Be Warned—This Is a VERY LIMITED Opportunity

We prefer to work with a smaller number of clients at any one time… 

And we certainly don’t want this to fall into the wrong hands…

So we retain the right to take this down and/or increase the price IF or WHEN we see fit.

If you are serious about protecting your company from the latest, most lethal cyber attacks - grab your copy of The Cyber Security Tool Chest NOW.
Order The Cybersecurity Tool Chest Today,
(Limited Time) — Just $37
You Don’t Have to Say “YES” or “NO” Today…

Just Give It a Shot —
Put it to the Test,
 See How It Goes

It's kinda like buying a house:

You might want to see the inside before you can fully commit.

So go ahead, get inside of The Cyber Security Tool Chest and see if everything we promise here, today is true.

Go through the whole thing… Step-by-Step. Implement these very best practices within your company... 

AND, yes, we are on standby to assist and answer questions as needed.

Just see how much better you sleep.

And, if the CSTC isn't as simple and effective as promised, no hard feelings.

So, it doesn’t matter if it’s 29 minutes or 29 days from now…

If you want your money back, you can have it.

All you have to do is email us at cybersafe (AT)

And yo'll get your refund ASAP!

Sound good?

It May Not Be Your Fault That You Haven’t Properly Protected Your Company Before…

But as of TODAY,
It’s Your Responsibility

Before today, you didn’t have the resources…

Before today, you didn’t know who to turn to for guidance and advice…

Before today you probably didn’t even understand how real and menacing the threat of cyber attacks are to small businesses like yours…


Today, you understand the real dangers and threats hackers pose to your company's survival...

As of today, you understand that inaction could be fatal to the company. 

As of today, you have FORTRESS NETWORX—a trusted IT Partner—in your corner, to help protect your company.

And, as of right now, YOU have a chance to get the most comprehensive DIY Cyber-Security solution, featuring the coveted 8 Layer of Defense Security System, all for the cost of a dinner with a client.

In other words, there's no excuse not to take action right now to help bulletproof your company against malicious hackers.

Order The Cybersecurity Tool Chest Today,
(Limited Time) — Just $37
Frequently Asked Questions
Why does the Cybersecurity Tool Chest exist?
For over 25 years Fortress Networx has helped its clients protect their data! That's the good news. The other news is there's NEVER been a greater number of threats to compromise, encrypt, destroy and/or steal your valuable company data! The Cybersecurity Tool Chest is the first of its kind; a totally comprehensive resource for small and mid-sized companies to help ensure they know how to protect their data! Simply put, the CSTC exists to help ensure your company continues to flourish by following these step-by-step best practices, templates and checklists.  
Who was the Cybersecurity Tool Chest created for?
In most small and mid-sized company there is typically at least one person in charge of I.T. That person tends to be directly accountable and responsible for the company's computers, network and data. Unfortunately, that person also tends to be in charge of several other responsibilities, thus, focus is lost and risk to data exposure remains high. These people are often overwhelmed and spread too thin, thus The Cybersecurity Tool Chest provides company administrators immediate relief by providing a simplified, single resource with easy to follow best practices.
How does the Cybersecurity Tool Chest help?
The CSTC is a 78 page, step-by-step roadmap designed for non-technical as well as technical administrators and covers 3 major sections: Foundation, Fortification & Flow (Optimization) while at the same time presenting Fortress Networx' proprietary strategy, "The 8 Layers of Defense" with easy-to-follow checklists, templates and best practices. 
Isn't it "good enough" to just have good backups?
Good backups are a terrific "backstop" but in today's dynamic IT environment, they are not necessarily enough— particularly as a "Frontline" of defense and often they may fall short in the case of rapid data restoration.
How much does the Cybersecurity ToolChest Cost?
As of this PROMOTION, the Cybersecurity Tool Chest is over 60% OFF — JUST $179.
What about updates? How often is this updated?
We update the ToolChest twice annually. Updates are delivered electronically for just a $97 annual subscription which helps to ensure you remain current with best practices and aware of latest potential threats. We highly recommend this and it is only offered ONCE at checkout.
We have multiple office locations, do we need to purchase multiple copies?
No. There is no "site" license. One copy per organization is enough and you are allowed to distribute/share within your organization and throughout other offices.
Should I really care? Who in the world wants to "hack" my small company?
The answer to that question is in the question. ANYONE IN THE WORLD. And, unfortunately, the most common hack or breach is known as "Phishing" where an unsuspecting employee simply clicks on a malicious link usually within an email, sometimes on a website. 
What process or methodology do you advise?
The Cyber Security Tool Chest is born from our 25+ years of experience and expertise helping to fortify our client networks. Over the years, we've identified and followed what we call are the "8 Critical Layers of Defense": We've developed an easy-to-follow methodology that any administrator with limited technology experience can implement.
Can't I just do my own research, compile my own best practices?
Possibly.  1) Do you have the time? 2) Do you have the expertise and experience? 3) How will you know the best guidance to follow? How do you know it'll be safe? This is the route many companies try to go, initially. Then, the project keeps getting pushed-out because it isn't urgent until tragedy strikes and people start asking questions! This product, The Cybersecurity Tool Chest is your turn-key, out of the box, easy to follow, step-by-step resource that will have you moving in the right direction immediately!
Do you have a Money-Back Guarantee?
Absolutely. You have 30 days to test, use, apply the Cybersecurity Tool Chest and if it isn't the best IT investment you've ever made simply request a refund and we'll issue it ASAP! 
I have other questions who can I call?
Email us at "cybersafe (at)" or Call 844-888-SAFE, we're happy to answer your questions. 
"Easier than I expected. We're already well on our way and moving through the process. Very helpful! Thank you."
Jeremy T.
Partner, Law Firm
Order The Cybersecurity Tool Chest Today,
(Limited Time) — Just $179
9320 Chesapeake Drive, #104 San Diego, CA. 92123
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